Connect Onport to BigCommerce

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Sync orders, shipments and inventory between Onport and BigCommerce.


Onport allows you to connect and sync sales, purchase, and inventory data across multiple e-commerce stores and offline sales channels. This is great if you're shipping items out the door faster than you can handle.


You'll need to create an API within BigCommerce so that your store can be connected with Onport.

  1. Log into the store, using the store owner’s username/password.
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select API Accounts. This will display the Store API Accounts page.
  4. Select Create API Account. This will display the Create API Account page.
  5. In the Name field, enter Onport (This name is for internal use only, so assign any name that you will recognize if needed).
  6. In the OAuth Scopes section, select at least the minimal scopes your app will require.
  7. Save at the page’s lower right-hand corner.

A successful save will display the pop-up shown below.

In Onport, add a BigCommerce store under the Setup > BigCommerce. Enter the details from the previous steps. You will need to add the Client ID, Client Secret, Access Token, and Store URL.

Note: The Store URL is the URL you see when you go on your store's page. It should be 


Store hash: to get the store hash, you need to collect the API path, which is a unique URL that you can find when you create the API Account. At the end of the URL, there is a series of numbers and letters, e.g. wyiiub56c0 - this is what you need to copy into the store hash field in Onport. Assuming the API Path is:{HASH}/v3/ , the {HASH} portion of the URL will need to be copied.

You will need to set Authentication Type to Private to be able to display the fields that will allow you to enter the API keys. Your BigCommerce store will now be connected to Onport.

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