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Have you found yourself lost amidst all the different support articles out there, not knowing where to start your Onport onboarding, or what is even needed in the Standard Plan? No need to worry, this article has been created for you as the basic outline of the different steps that are included in setting up a Standard Onport account, step by step. Take this as a table of contents to your onboarding journey, with links to different articles explaining each step in more detail.

1) Initial Set Up

The very first thing you should start with is the initial set up of your Onport account, which can be found in the “Setup” section.

You will need to set up your company information, billing information, and your team. Find detailed instructions on how to do this here.

2) Shopify Store Connection

Your next step will be to connect your Shopify store to Onport, which will allow you to connect and sync sales, purchase, and inventory data across multiple E-commerce stores and offline sales channels.

To find how to enable the Shopify store connection, read this.

3) Vendor Setup

Next is the time to set up your vendors. This step is key in automating your dropshipping process, and will give you the ability to choose and set the settings in a way that works best for your business.

Read this to learn more about the different steps in onboarding your vendors.

4) Order Testing

After all of this is set up, it’s time to test the system! Just place an order in Shopify, check if it has been imported into Onport and routed to the correct vendor, and process the order. If it works, you’re all set!

You can check out this article for more information on order testing.

5) Stock Management

While the default setting is that your stock will be automatically synced with that of your vendors’, it might be that you want to manually change it. In this case, you should manage it directly from your Onport account.

Check out this article to see how to do this.

There you have it, the five simple steps in getting your Onport account up and running! However, if you do have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to go through the setup process with you on a go-live call.

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