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We know every business is different and there are many different ways Jetti can be tailored to your requirements. That's why we recommend you get in touch before jumping in and connecting Jetti to your online stores.

However! If you're itching to get started, we recommend going through the following steps. If you have any questions - just reach out and we'll be happy to chat!

  1. Connect your online store. If you are on Shopify, you can install Jetti as an app from the Shopify App store. Otherwise, you can connect your online stores under the setup area in your account.

  2. Complete our on-boarding form. There's lot's of ways to configure Jetti - this will take you through the most important settings to get started. It will also allow you to book an optional on-boarding call with a Jetti expert.

  3. Set up your dropship providers. If you are drop-shipping or creating a multi-vendor marketplace you'll need to set up your vendors. You can do this from the dropship providers list in Jetti. If you just fulfill in-house, you can skip this step.

  4. Place some test sales. Jetti won't import any historic sales right away. Once your product and dropship provider details are all set up, we recommend placing some test sales to understand the end to end process.

  5. Checkout our blog! If you're new to drop-shipping or looking how to improve your current setup, read through our blog and support articles. There's everything from setting up shipping on multi-vendor marketplaces through to automating your vendor payments. If there's something we haven't covered - just get in touch.


Jetti provides chat and email support for all plans. As well as offering prioritised response times, calls can also be booked with our support or onboarding teams for those on the plus and enterprise plans.

Jetti Support offers 12×5 coverage. Hours are 9am - 9pm Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, excluding US Holidays. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time.

The Jetti Platform itself is monitored 24×7. Jetti's policy is to prioritse live customers subscribed to a plan. During peak hours, this may mean trial accounts may experience elevated response times.

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