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Provide vendors with shipping labels to streamline your dropshipping

One of the potential pain points in setting up a multi-vendor marketplace is understanding how to efficiently handle the invoicing and payments for shipping between you and your vendor. Every vendor might have different shipping charges. Or, you might not know the shipping costs until the vendor actually ships the items to your customer. It's complicated!

We've put together a useful blog post on the different models you can use, which we recommend reading to anyone looking to setup a new marketplace or move to Jetti from another provider.


With Jetti, you have various ways to setup the invoicing and payment of shipping charges between you and your vendor. Keep in mind, you can still set up your customer billing separately if needed.

If your vendor use Jetti's dropship portal, they can print domestic and international labels with just a few clicks. You can either use Jetti's discounted USPS account or integrate your own carrier via our Shippo integration.

  1. Set up the dropship portal for your dropship provider. You need to add an email address(es) for the vendor and select Email / portal under Syncing orders.
  2. Under the Syncing orders section, you'll also need to check Generate shipping labels button.

When visiting the dropship portal after a dropship purchase is generated, the vendor will then be presented with the cheapest shipping rate. They can select a different rate if needed. When printing any international shipping labels, they'll also be given any of the required customs documentation once the label is generated.

The vendors will be able to print the labels using any label printer. You can also select to print the labels onto the packing slip if needed. This is useful when using US letter sized pages with integrate shipping labels the vendor can just peel off and place on the parcel.

If you are using our discounted USPS account, you'll be billed weekly for any labels generated. However, for larger volumes we recommend using our parter Shippo account, where you can also connect your own accounts if needed. There's no additional charge for using the Shippo integration.

Are you looking to provide packing slips without the shipping label? You can do so by navigating to the Shipping tab, and turning off "Include label in packing slip". 


Providing shipping labels to your vendors might not always work. Your vendors might want orders sent directly to their platform instead of using a separate portal. Or, they have their own shipping operations in place.

You can also use Jetti's shipping rates to set up shipping rates for each of your vendors. If you enable the Invoice shipping option under the dropship provider settings, you'll also be able to automatically invoice vendors as they are shipped.

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