Shipping Rates - How to Set up Shipping Zones

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Jessica Ribeiro
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This article explores how you can setup shipping rules by geographical zones and restrict the vendor's shipping to a specific set rules.

Onport allows you to setup different rules either by specify by country/state/region.


Shipping Strategy
Location-specific (Country - State - Region)

Shipping Zones are used to ship products to specific areas, based on the shipping strategy you would like to apply and what rate to practice. This can be used if a vendor is restricted to only ship to certain areas or if you want to have a specific shipping strategy that requires more granularity by location.
Note* This option is restricted to Advanced Accounts.

Here is how to set it up:

  1. Click New shipping-rate
  2. Add Name and Code
  3. Choose Advanced Shipping Rules
  4. Save (If you do not click save, the Zone setup will not appear)
  5. Assign it to your dropship providers
  6. Go to Shipping Zones at the bottom and enter a zone name
  7. After you enter a zone name complete the zone setup information - Weight Based, Order Value or Carrier Rates based.
  8. Save shipping zone changes and finally save the shipping rate.

Shipping Zones 2


Country Specific
If you would like to restrict order routing to a specific vendor based on Countries, consult the article here.

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