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Automatically sync your in-house shipments to your ShipStation account.


This article will explain how to link your own ShipStation account with Onport, enabling you to directly sync your in-house shipments in between Onport and your ShipStation account.

If you were looking for the instructions on integrating with a vendor, they are covered in our vendor ShipStation integration article.

You will first need register a Custom Store in your ShipStation account. To do this, click on your Account Settings (the wrench icon in the top right), then Selling Channels and Store Setup from the sidebar on the left. Click "+ Connect a Store or Marketplace" and choose the Custom Store option.

You'll be presented with the following form. Once this form is completed, ShipStation will begin communicating with Onport. To complete the form, you'll need to go to the ShipStation integration page in Onport (Setup > ShipStation).

The ShipStation username should not be the login you use for Onport or ShipStation. Instead, enter something new here. It's used to that Onport and ShipStation can securely talk to each other.



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