Syncing product updates with your online store

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Jetti can automatically sync inventory, pricing and product details for in-house and drop-ship items with your store.


Jetti can sync inventory levels, pricing and product details (e.g. images, tags) with your online store. It's sometimes useful to see a history of the updates Jetti has made to your store. This can be done from either the inventory list or when viewing items within an inventory feeds.

You can also view a consolidated list of all updates sent to your channel from the settings page for your online store. For example, if you are using Shopify, go to Setup > Shopify you'll see list of what updates were made and when.


Whether you droship or fulfill items in-house, Jetti will be the inventory master for your system. This means any changes to inventory levels will be sent to your store automatically. This will override any changes you make within the admin interface of your store (e.g. in Shopify's admin) or changes made by other connected apps. When using Jetti, we recommend you turn off any other inventory management systems to avoid syncing issues.

Updates are typically made within a few minutes, most of the time within a few seconds. If you are updating many items at once, it may take longer. The following events trigger inventory updates in Jetti:

  • When a sale is imported from your online store
  • When the inventory levels on a inventory feed change
  • When you make a manual adjustment for an in-house item
  • When you receive items on a goods receipt for a replenishment purchase order
  • When you or your vendors ship items on an order


If you are managing pricing outside of Jetti, you'll need to turn off the sync pricing option under your channel settings. Unlike inventory updates, pricing is a two-way sync in Jetti. This means you can update the prices on your online store or within Jetti.

If you are connecting inventory feeds to your dropship providers, we recommend syncing pricing so your payments are accurate.

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