Connect Returnify to your Shopify Store (Non Jetti Users - Stand alone app)

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Returnify allows you to connect directly with your Shopify store without a Jetti account as well, and sync the sales and returns from there. This is great as Returnify will then provide you with a clear dashboard of all sales and returns happening within your store, and gives you the power to also raise returns on behalf of customers.

Linking Shopify to Returnify is very easy, just follow these steps:

1. In Shopify, go to Apps > Manage private apps > Create private app
2. Enter “Returnify” for the name
3. Returnify will need access to "Orders, transactions and fulfillments" (Read and Write) and "Products, variants collections" (Read). You'll need to enable "Inventory" (Read) if you want to sync cost prices.

4. Copy the API Password


2. On Returnify, click on Channels on the left-side menu. Fill in the required details and click Add channel.
* Name: the name of your store
* Location: your store name
* API Password: the password you copied from Shopify

3. You can now go ahead and import your sales, by selecting Import sales from the drop-down menu next to your store’s name. You'll see these sales when creating a return in the Sale Returns tab.



Now your store is set up! The sales will automatically be imported every 10 minutes. You will only need to manually import sales if they are not there yet. Also, keep in mind that you can add as many stores as needed.

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