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Onport can fully automate your payment workflow for dropship stores and multi-vendor marketplaces using our custom commission and automated payment setups. Get in touch with us if you have more complex requirements, we have additional options such as our landed costs feature or Custom Commissions API.


Decide on your commission structure

1. Percentage 

2. Fixed amount per product

3. Different rates per product

4. Custom API commissions

5. Cost Price 

Percentage or Fixed Rate Commissions 

This is configured per vendor so commission rates can vary when you have different negotiated rates.

Commission rate per vendor 

  1. Go to Contacts > Vendor Name > Payment Setup tab
  2.  Select the type of commission rate and specify the amount



Commission rate per product

Sometimes you need to set a specific commission rate for a single product using a percentage or fixed amount. 

1. Go to Inventory > Click product title > Shipping tab > Commission rate setup section

2. Choose Set a different commission rate > Fixed amount or percentage > Enter in the amount




Commission rate per Channel or tag

For when you sell on multiple marketplace channels and want to set different rates per channel or when you want to set certain commissions when using tags. 


1. Click Manage Channel Commission rates


2. If doing only by channel choose a channel and commission rate. If you want to set it by tag choose Filter type tag and select which tag.



Note: Commission rates do not sync to Shopify, only if you set a specific cost price. Cost price is dependant on the price the item is sold for, including discounts. You can set the cost price under the Shipping-tab.



Pay vendors using Cost Prices

If you are not using commission rates, you can use Onport to maintain the cost prices of your items and pay.

1. Turn off Commission calculation

Go to Contacts > Vendor Name > Payment Setup tab > toggle off Calculate Commission.


2. Update cost prices 

Update Single Cost price

If you only have a few items to maintain cost prices for, you might want to just update the cost price under the settings page for the variant or right on the variant list.

Update in bulk

You can use a CSV import to update items in bulk. This is usually needed for in-house items, or if you didn't want to set up an inventory feed. 

  1. From your inventory list, click the CSV Import/Export button. You might want to filter the list by vendor name or other filters if you only want to upload cost prices for a particular set of products. (You can also use our blank Cost Price template.)
  2. In the popup, click Export to CSV. This will email you a list of the current SKUs and cost prices. It might take a minute to arrive. You can also check under your data exports to download directly)
  3. Edit the CSV file, changing the cost prices for any items. Once you're done, save the CSV file and upload it the same way.



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