How to upload a CSV for inventory updates

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Updating product information via CSV is a manual process, which means you'll have to import the CSV file each time your vendor updates inventory quantity or prices.


Partial automation with Google Sheet

A Google Sheet integration is a great option if you're looking for partial automation. With Google Sheet, you only need to insert the URL of the file and it will be updated with each inventory feed fetch, without needing to upload it every time.
You can read more about the Google Sheet integration here.


Manually update inventory

If you decide to manually update inventory, you will need to:

  1. Choose the option "Upload" under the Connection tab of the dropship provider's inventory feed:


  2. Hit "Save". You'll see an orange bar with an option to upload a file - click on the "Upload" button on the right:


  3. A modal will open - upload the CSV file and then click "Import":


For the creation of the CSV, you may want to use our template: Google Sheet Product Template
If you use a custom template, then you'll need to map the values. Read more in this article.

Make sure you save the file as a CSV and you're all done.

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