Fix "connect to inventory feed" error

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When an order is automatically finalized in Onport, a dropship purchase is created and you may come across this error:


If you click "Review & Send" and then "details", you'll come across this error:

This happens because the product in Onport is not connected to an inventory feed, thus not allowing the vendor store to recognize the product as its own.

How to fix this?
You will need to copy the SKU of the item and go to the vendor's inventory feed. After that, you'll need to look up that SKU in the feed and connect it with the item in your store:

How to prevent this from happening?

You need to make sure all the products are well connected.

OPTION 1: If you don't have duplicate SKUs, you can always use the setting "Automatically connect by SKU" or, if the vendor has barcodes, you can also enable the "Automatically connect by barcode". You can find this if you go to the Settings of the inventory feed, and then click the Publishing tab:


Just make sure you save and fetch the feed after you've enabled the toggle.

OPTION 2: The other option is to manually connect all the items within the vendor's inventory feed using the method shown above in the screen recording.

OPTION 3: A third option would be to import a CSV file with sku and vendor_sku as column headers to map the unconnected items.

You would need to create a file with SKU and vendor SKU and import it here:

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