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Setting up Price Lists

Price lists are prices grouped together under a bucket. The different lists enable resellers to buy products at a particular price, different to other people. For instance, resellers with large customers may want to negotiate better prices, and be placed on a discounted price list.

This article will show how different price lists can be created and managed within Jetti.

Before assigning price lists to resellers, they first need to be created. To create them, go to Setup > Price lists.

Then, click on New price list on the top, and add a name and a currency for this list.

Assigning Prices for Price Lists

There are two main ways to assign the prices for each price list. The first one is to do it manually, one by one per product. You can either click and edit the price of a product directly from an inventory list, or click into the settings of a product > Pricing, and assign the product to a price list.


Update via CSV/Google Sheets

The second way to assign prices is to import them via a CSV file or a Google sheet. To do this, enable Automatically import price lists from CSV file from the price list settings, and upload the file. Ensure that the file has headers for the sku, retail price and compare at price. Once uploaded, the prices will import and sync hourly.

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