Shipping Rates - How to Create Weight or Price-Based Rates

Joana Morais
Joana Morais
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Depending on your shipping strategy, you may want to charge your customers different values according to their purchase spending or order weight. 


Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Go to Setup > Vendor Shipping rates 
  2. Click New Shipping Rate at the top right-hand side > Type in "Name" and "Code" of your choice (these can be the same)
  3. Select Weight or Price-based Shipping > Click Save at the top
  4. Assign Dropship Provider(s) > Click Save at the top
  5. Select Domestic/ Rest of the World band types by Weight or Price
  6. Fill in details Shipping Zone, Threshold, Cost of Shipping, Price increase per item, Service level, Shipping Code > Click Add Shipping Rate Weight >  Click Save at the top



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